• apollomedics super speciality hospitals reviews

    Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospitals Reviews is a leading healthcare facility for Multi Speciality Hospitals providing Ultra Modern Medical Facility with State Of Art Technology & Team Of Expert Professionals. Here’s an overview of the hospital:

    Overview of Apollo Medics Super Speciality Hospital

    Location: KBC 31, Sector B, LDA Colony, Ashiana Colony, Lucknow – 226012, Uttar Pradesh, India.

    Specialization: Coordinated and integrated treatment across specialities and an emphasis on numerous specialized areas of medicine.

    Facilities: Fully equipped premises, incorporating the modern diagnosis and treatment methods, operation theaters, intensive care units and others.

    Ratings: 4.8/5

    Key Features

    Expertise: A team of highly intensive healthcare professionals and doctors possessing expertise in various disciplines.

    Technology: Possessing a state-of-art health care facilities for delivering efficient first call medical services.

    Patient-Centric Care: Lifestyle diseases and their effective and efficient management remain at the core of most health care delivery systems; this is because emphasis is placed on the treatment and management of individuals and not mere cases.

    Departments and Specialties

    1. Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery

    • Services: Cardiology, echo-cardiology, catheterization, coronary syndrome, valve disorder, congenital heart disorders and surgical treatment of cardiological diseases.
    • Specialists: Cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons.

    2. Neurology and Neurosurgery

    • Services: Management of neurological diseases, Brain and spine surgeries and stroke care.
    • Specialists: Neurologists, neurosurgeons.

    3. Orthopedics and Joint Replacement

    • Services: Such as joint replacement, spine surgeries, treatment of sports injuries and trauma management.
    • Specialists: Specifically, orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians will be involved in diagnosing the problem and providing treatment options.

    4. Gastroenterology and Hepatology

    • Services: Digestive system diseases and treatments such as appendicitis, colonoscopy and liver diseases.
    • Specialists: Gastroenterologists, hepatologists.

    5. Oncology

    • Services: System of treating cancer diseases is represented by a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist, chemotherapy, target therapy.
    • Specialists: Cancer specialists, X-ray technicians, cancer surgeons, chemotherapy nurses.

    6. Nephrology and Urology

    • Services: Diagnosis and treatment of kidney and urinary tracts disorders, handling of dialysis and kidney transplantation.
    • Specialists: Nephrologists, urologists.

    7. Pulmonology

    • Services: Pulmonary disorders, diseases, diagnosis and working up of Lung diseases, lung function tests, bronchoscopy.
    • Specialists: Pulmonologists, respiratory therapists.

    8. Endocrinology

    • Services: Gynecological issues, contraception, menstrual cycles, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis; Endocrine disorders, Diabetes; thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.
    • Specialists: Endocrinologists, diabetologists.

    9. Rheumatology

    • Services: To consider diagnostic procedures and treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases for example rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, and other similar conditions.
    • Specialists: Rheumatologists.

    10. Dermatology

    • Services: Skin disorders management, acne treatment, facial and body laser therapy.
    • Specialists: Dermatologists, cosmetologists.

    Doctors at Apollo medics Super Speciality Hospital

    Doctors at Apollo medics Super Speciality Hospital

    • Arpit Taunk – Interventional Cardiologist – MD RADIODIAGNOSIS, SGPGIMS, LUCKNOW, U.P.
    • Anupam Wakhlu – MD (Medicine)
    • Durga Prasad – Gastroenterologist – DM (Pediatric Gastroenterology)

    Contact Information

    • Address: KBC 31, Sector B, LDA Colony, Ashiana Colony, Lucknow – 226012 (Near Apollo Hospital)
    • Phone: +91 522 6780000
    • Website: http://www.lucknow.apollohospitals.com/
    • GSTIN: 09AAGCM9435L1ZU


    Apollo Medics Super Speciality Hospital is committed in the provision of the best quality of health care services without compromising patient safety and satisfaction. To get certain details pertaining to the doctors, specific health issues, bookings for appointments, and other related information it is advised to log on to the hospital’s website or directly get in touch with them.